Grizzly Football

At Butler, we know that everyone is important. This is especially true at the Grizzly football games. Here’s a little bit of what we’ve noticed each group is good at:

Football players- Everyone knows that our team rocks! ‘Nuff said.

Coaches- Congratulations to Coach Troy Morrell on his 100th win! That is example enough of our awesome coaching staff.

Band “Sideliners”- They were really upbeat and it’s obvious that almost all of them love what they’re doing. They really pump up the crowd!


Cheerleaders- Don’t ya think that these girls are probably some of the most talented people in the stadium? While everyone in the crowd is sitting in the bleachers, they’re flying above our heads, doing high-kicks and flips, and cheering along to their cheers and to the band’s songs throughout the entire game. That’s pretty impressive!

Yell leaders- It’s really good to hear loud, men’s voices leading the cheers. Plus, these are the strong guys that are throwing the cheerleaders way above our heads and still catching them perfectly. It’s also pretty neat to see some of the tall guys doing back-flips along with the tiny cheerleaders.

Dance team- They’re good at moving as one body. Their fast-paced dance moves and fluid movements make for a very entertaining half-time show!

Mascot and flag runners- These may seem like small parts, but they really add to the whole atmosphere of the game. They are both easy to pick out on the sideline, so when they’re doing their job to pump up the crowd, it’s very obvious and effective.

Concession stand- I’m sure everyone will agree that food is just great! Baked goods and hotdogs are really a big part of the game. (There was a sign for “Monkey on a stick” which was interesting. If anyone knows what this is exactly, please fill us in!)

Us: The crowd- Seeing almost everyone wearing black last Saturday was really powerful, and everyone’s enthusiasm towards the win made the whole atmosphere come alive. The crowd encourages the team and all the other groups to do their absolute best.

These are the groups that make Grizzly football awesome! If we missed any important groups, leave a comment and tell us and everyone else how important that group is.


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