Homesickness :(

I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t really felt too homesick yet since school has begun.  I mean yeah there are times when it would be nice to see my family, and I really miss my mom’s home-cooked meals, but all-in-all, I haven’t gone through that feeling of wanting to go home yet.  Of course it helps that I haven’t spent a single weekend in the dorms yet.  I’ve been back home twice, once for a funeral (not a good reason) and once for my brother’s first football game (a good reason), and then I’ve gone to Lawrence twice to visit my friends at KU. Friends of mine, however, haven’t been home to see their families yet. And though they still act happy and have fun, I can tell they’ve started feeling a tinge of homesickness.

So what can you do when homesickness sets in? For me, my parents haven’t given me time to miss them because they’ve been calling every other night to ask how my day went, but if you haven’t spoken to your parents in a while, give ‘em a call. It will undoubtedly brighten their day, and chances are, it will make you happier too to hear a familiar voice.

If you’re missing your friends and the long distance phone call bills are just killing you, have your friends set up an instant messaging account like yahoo, msn, or skype. With these you can even use your webcams to see how much of the “freshman 15” your friends have put on already J
(If you can’t get your messengers working on campus, go to and you can log on to them there.)

Other suggestions for relieving your homesickness are to join a club, study group, or find a part-time job that will get you involved with other people; plan visits home or to meet in the middle if home is too far away; and know that you’re not alone. Believe it or not, a great majority of the students here are having the same feelings you are. Talk to a counselor, an RA, or just a group of students and we can win this homesickness battle together! 🙂

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