Hello Grizzlies!

Hello Grizzlies!

My name is Courtney Frye and I’m one of the new bloggers for Butler’s blog page at butlergrizzlies.wordpress.com. Be sure to check us out!

I’m a freshman here at Butler of El Dorado and live on campus, so yes, like everyone else walking to classes, I’ve enjoyed the rain immensely these first weeks of school…or not. I’m a part of the amazing vocal department here at Butler and am on music scholarship. And I’ll tell you what, staying on scholarship is harder work than most people would think! Close to perfect grades and attendance are required as well as no cell phone usage in the music classes or performances *yikes!* and respect for your voice, your body, and the people around you. But these requirements are what make us great people now and in the future, so we appreciate them.

Fun fact about me: I’m addicted to chocolate! I eat it at least twice a day and have a 1′ x1′ x5″ box always stocked full in my room. chocolate can mend a broken heart and brighten anyone’s day (unless you’re allergic, and then I feel so, terribly sorry for you!) and I’ve decided that chocolate is the one thing I will NEVER give up because it truly makes my world go round.

I’m somewhat new to this blogging thing. The last blog site I wrote for was for my high school library and a grand total of maybe 200 people read it, BUT I’m enthusiastic to start blogging about life here on campus and hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do!


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