Attention Fashionistas: Design your own wardrobe

(Hey! Make sure and read the bold words.)

While looking at one of my favorite sites this morning, New York Times, I found an article about a new fashion Web site. Like most females, sorry for the stereotype, my interest was raised.

According to NYT, the Web site, Polyvore, is a user-generated fashion magazine filled with user-generated ads. And, Polyvore has been giving the major magazines’ online versions, Vogue, InStyle and Lucky, some major competition.

I decided to investigate the site for myself and became a member. It was awesome. A wonderful way to waste your afternoon. Imagine being at a huge mall — minus the walking. You can put together outfits and go through hundreds of shoes, clothes and accessories to find the perfect look.

The clothes are from a variety of non-affiliated Web sites and users bring them to Polyvore. They range from incredibly expensive to under $50.

So here’s my plan. If you’re interested in clothes and have some time to kill, I’d like to see your designs. Just e-mail me at after you’ve completed your layout, and I’ll post it on our blog. Who knows, you could start a new trend.

Let's see what you got.

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