Rock Enroll + You = Good Idea

I hope you’ve cleared your Saturday or at least fit us in your schedule because Rock Enroll is only three days away. It’s going to be an awesome time. Why? Well you know I like to make lists, and I’ve made one especially for this event and why it’s going to rock (no pun intended).

1. Free Food (Honestly, how can you turn this down?)

2. Meet with Advisors (You can get one on one help. Making your future that much clearer.)

3. Enroll in Classes (Don’t procrastinate any longer. Get enrolled Saturday. It’ll be easy and fun.)

4. Free Prizes (Like I said, how can you turn this down.)

5. Live Music (If you’re a music lover like me, come just to hear our mix. We’ve booked The Rainbow Worm Factory and Power 93. Both are equally legit.)


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